Denim blue and sterling silver earrings

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Fun, casual denim blue earrings. Perfect for a jeans and t-shirt day, but they're nice enough to wear to the office.

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One of a kind, denim blue  earrings made with twists of blue sponge coral, dumorierite rondelles and sterling silver.

Dumortierite is one of my favourite stones – it is a dark blue but it’s a sort of faded denim blue look. A nice dark, but soft blue. It blends nicely with the sponge coral twisted beads. The blue is accentuated by sterling silver open-work bead caps and daisy beads.

The French earwires are decorated at the base with a teardrop of twisted wire, with a silver bead in the centre.

These hang 2 1/4″ from the top of the earwire. My lovely paper model, Lena, is slightly smaller than life size, so please judge by the stated measurements.


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