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Favourite earrings: lost and found and lost and…

my favourite earrings
My favourite earrings

I’ve got a favourite pair of sterling silver earrings that I keep losing. Over and over again. They’re my favourite earrings because they go with most of my casual wardrobe, can be seen from behind my thick dark hair, and they’re comfortable. I didn’t actually make these earrings – they were my favourites from long before I ever started making jewelry. And truth be told, I don’t think I’ve quite got the skill-set to make these myself. The hinged wires would be tricky to solder without melting. And the set of 5 itty bitty rings to attach the paddles to would really test my patience. They’d also be another soldering melting risk.

Lost and found and lost again

The first time I majorly lost one of them was about 5 or 6 years ago. It  had been missing for something like 2 years. I found it in the soil when I was pulling weeds in the garden. It must have fallen out of my ear when I was gardening.

When I found it, I was so excited. I probably posted about my glee on social media. But that glee was short lived – only a few months later, I lost it again. All I can remember was, at the time, I had put them in my purse for some reason. And it shouldn’t have been hard to figure out which purse since I’m a basic no-frills woman:  90% of the time I use one of two black purses. But it was not in those purses.  I think it was about a year or two ago that I lost it this time.

So guess what happened today? That’s right, I found the earring. It magically appeared on my bedroom floor, beside a purse I had used recently – a mega huge one I only use when I’m travelling.

But, was it actually the lost earring? Or was it the mate, just making an appearance in a look-what-the-cat-dragged-in sort of way? It took me 2 hours of searching to find the mate to prove that I now had a complete set. (Does that 2 hours count as another occurrence of an earring being lost?)

It’s a tarnished mess (actually, so is the other one) but that’s no problem – I’ve got lots of silver cleaning tips. And funny thing, until I took the photo, I never noticed that the one on the left actually has 6 paddles instead of 5.