Birthstone Bracelet Builder

This is your place to play and experiment, and find out what arrangement of crystals you like best.

Instructions: Hold your mouse over each crystal and select from the list of months to change its color. (On a touch screen, touch a crystal to bring up the menu)

Family birthstone bracelets can be custom made for your family, with 3 - 6 crystals representing your grandparents, parents, siblings, children and/or grandchildren. Or pets, don't forget your pets! If you need more than 6 crystals, there's a crystal cube bracelet that holds up to 9, and my mother-in-law's bracelet has something like 15 crystals... feel free to contact me if you need something else.

Play with this bracelet builder to pick your months and get an idea of what your family birthstone bracelet might look like. If your bracelet doesn't use 5 crystals, the spacing will be a little different, but you can get an idea... select "pearl", which is the last item on each menu, if you don't need all the crystals.

Some people like to have a specific order to their crystals... parents first, followed by the children in birth order, for example. Other people like to balance the colors in a pleasing arrangement.

When you're ready, you can order your bracelet here.