Birthstone Bracelet Testimonials


How much do grandmothers, wives, daughters and sisters love their family birthstone bracelets?

“Wonderful to deal with and incredible service!! Went above and beyond. Thank you so very very much.” – Lori S

“I got two family birthstone bracelets for my family, one for my sister in law and one for my sister. They were both thrilled. My sister in law opened hers first, and my sister was hovering around wishing she had one, so it was great when she opened hers! Hers was in gold, more her colour, so that worked great. It was definitely the highlight of the gift giving! Thanks!” – Susan L

Aviva's family birthstone bracelet“I LOVE THEM!!!!!” – Maureen T

“I got the bracelets tonight and I love them! Nice job!” – Susan H

“These birthstone bracelets are beautiful and just the gift I was hoping for!” – Crysten M

“LOVE IT!!” – Heather M

“I talked to Diane about her Mom’s reaction. She didn’t get the birthstones at first, but when Diane explained the couples and their stones she cried. She couldn’t believe that Diane had something custom made for her.” – From Maureen on behalf of Diane

“Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know my mother loved the bracelet! I gave it to her yesterday and she was just thrilled and couldn’t stop commenting on how beautiful it was! Thanks again” – Jill L

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